JUIT Youth Club

The offical Governing Body of all the events at JUIT

Literary and Debating Club

Literary & Dramatics Club is home to all the literature enthusiasts, theater lovers and street play artists.

Theatre And Music Club

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Cultural and Dance Club

As the name suggests, one of the primary aims of the Cultural Club is to help students keep in touch with the rich cultural values, customs and traditions of our country.

Environment, Ecology & Health club

The clubs aim at providing a overall development of the members for the future.

Technical and Photography Club

Composition of Movie, Photography and Createch the Technical Club of JUIT provides personal growth,leadership and learning opportunities.

Sports Club

Sports Club is one of the distinguishable bodies in the JYC which revolves around the organisation and implementation of Sports Tournaments and events in coordination with other clubs and committees.

Events & Procurement Committee

We the Events Committee are a power packed combination of "strength and wisdom" along with the "unity and team work" with which we execute the tasks.

Registration and Hospitality Committee

Hospitality And Registration is responsibile for receiving guests with goodwill.

Media & Publicity Committee

The Publicity and Sponsorship Committee of the JUIT Youth Club is an unsung part of the club.

Creative Arts Committee


Disciplinary Committee

The Disciplinary Committee is a group of elite students who deliver their heart and soul in maintaining discipline in the campus during events and make sure that there's no misconduct of any kind in campus.

Finance Committee

"You are the root of your financial success or failure." The finance committee provides financial support for organizing events using sponsors from various fields like technical ,food etc . The sole responsibility is to ensure that event is operating with good financial resources it needs to provide to the students of the college, participating or viewing the event.


Upcoming Events

The virtual edition of JYC’s first-ever literary, theatrical, and musical events.

Unite people through common goals of community awareness, prompting a better quality of life

From showing best dance moves to dressing up in the best attires, a chance to showcase talent with Bollywood tadka.

JUIT Youth Club


Dr. Amit Srivastava

Dr. Amit Srivastava has been working in Jaypee University of Information Technology (JUIT) since July 2003. He holds PhD in Management from JUIT and M.Phil (International Business) from Alagappa University. He did his MIBA (Master of International Business Administration) from Banaras Hindu